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Broker Speak [broh-ker speek]

Synonyms: sales pitch, jargon, hyperbole, word play, BS

1. Language used to drive the perception of being an expert to earn one's trust and incite them to take action, usually related to the sale of financial products and services.

2. Language used to drive a perception of complexity instiling fear and confusino in an effort to discourage one from attemptign to manage their own financial matters (i.e. investing, retirement, planning, etc.) and opt instead to hire an "expert".

3. Jargon used by the financial industry to conflate complexity with effectiveness.

Client Centered

Have you ever met with a financial advisor only to leave an hour later more confused than when you sat down? Or did the advisor spend the entire time communicating in jargon and financial terms (beta, alpha, pie chart, draw-down, inverted yield curves, etc.)? Maybe you watched or heard a commercial that seemed to good to be true? Either way, you were on the receiving end to what I call Broker Speak.

I created Broker Speak for one reason... to give you a fighting chance. I have seen commercials from wealth managers that were outright misleading. I have listened to a collegue violate every tenant and directive of sales supervision to sell a product. I have witnessed managers manipulate planning numbers to create a need for a client just to sell life insurance. In my two plus decades I’ve seen enough so I decided to create Broker Speak to give you a fighting chance.

Broker Speak will do three things.

It will provide transparency to our industry. If you have heard those commercials on tv talk radio that sound to good to be true, we will interpret the jargon and Broker Speak and tell you what they are actually selling.

It will share stories from my time in this business. I’ve had my share of experiences with unique bosses, managers, wholesalers and clients. I definitely have my share of stories. Sometimes those stories can teach a valuable lesson and sometimes they are just pure entertainment.

It will be educational. In between the transparency and stories, I will provide some quick and easy lessons about money. The easiest way to combat Broker Speak is through education. We will arm you with information and education so you too can spot Broker Speak from a mile away and walk the other direction.

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