START BY SHARING YOUR STORY WITH US: Tell us everything about you and your family. You are more than your most recent statement. In fact, all of the non-financial information is much more important. To understand you we need to understand Gather all relevant information: investment statements, social security and pension reports, POA's, healthcare documents. wills and trust documents.  


COMPLETE OUR FULL CHECKLIST: It's the little things that trip us up. By completing the full checklist we make sure you have the t's crosses and l's dotted to protect you and your family from life's curvehalls.  


SET UP YOUR FINANCIAL DASHBOARD: It's official. You are now part of the Canvasback family with your own personal financial dashboard. This invaluable tool we provide to each client allows you to have tools you need to keep track of your investments, spending, budgets, etc. You can also securely store personal important documents in your vault for safe keeping. 


DETERMINE YOUR WHAT-IF'S: Just as every family's story is unique so is their financial situation. You tell us what's important to you. You provide the priorities and we provide the leadership. Tell us your "what-ifs". We all have different decision points that affect us financially. Different social security strategies, pension options, rates of return, business or real estate transactions, windfalls, etc. If you can think it up we can "what-if" it. 


BUILD YOUR PERSONAL PLAN: We take everything you have provided us and build out your financial profile where we can evaluate the outlook on everything from funding education for children/grandchildren, retirement, taxes, investment positioning, etc. We also build out scenarios with the "what-ifs" you provided along with a few standard ones we feel are important for client's. The most important aspect of this step is that we are NOT creating an actual paper document that will only serve to collect dust on a bookshelf somewhere. This step allows us to make the most of the next meeting where you begin to make decisions. 


WHAT-IF STRATEGY SESSION: This is the most important step in the process as you can finally begin to understand exactly where you are today as it relates to the priorities you laid our for us. We can start the "what-iffing" so you have a better idea of the impact all of those financial decisions may have. Whether we model different rates of return, pension options, social security strategies or anything else you can dream up this step allows you to make more informed decisions about which path forward you like the best. 


DEVELOP IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY: This is where being and independent advisor benefits our clients as we don't have any proprietary products. By not representing any specific investment or product companies we can literally look anywhere to find what best suites their needs. Being a leader for our clients means putting them first instead of the needs of a board of directors. 


CLIENTS FOR LIFE: We don't want our clients to ever have to worry about switching advisors again. We take the mindset that every new client will be a client for life. That mind set is what separates us from others. After the initial steps are complete we don't stop paddling and life doesn't stop for our clients.