Many would say that starting a career in the financial services industry in 2001 during the throes of the dot-com crash is less than ideal. I would agree. Fortunately, I was naïve and excited to find something that I considered more than just a job.

The ensuing 14 years had a profound impact on who I am today. Those experiences are why I broke free from the wall street wire-houses and discount-brokerage juggernauts where corporate boards and sales managers determine what's important instead of the clients.

After countless conversations with family and friends I finally shed the handcuffs of proprietary products and sales quotas. In January, 2015 I started Canvasback Wealth Management. The idea was to build a firm from the ground up by rejecting the conventional attitudes of our industry. It really was a dream come true.

Just like the Canvasback story is a collection of experiences from the past two decades every one of our clients have a story and so do you. We love hearing each one. It allows us to better understand what has made you and your family into the people you are today. And if I want to be an effective partner and leader for my clients, what could be more important.

Oh...and why a duck? I don't remember when I first heard the term "canvasback" but what a better metaphor for our business. You probably remember that old saying about ducks always being calm on the surface but underneath they paddle like.... well, you remember.  In today's world where sensationalized news is the norm and everyone claims to have the better mouse trap it's important for clients to keep calm and stay focused.