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Discovering Dave

Discovering Dave

Over a decade ago, I discovered Dave Ramsey on a local talk radio station. I quickly became a fan. What I found most appealing about his advice was the simplicity. Dave Ramsey has helped countless people escape financial purgatory to achieve financial independence by following simple age-old money advice. It’s proof positive the same principles of personal finance that worked 50 and 100 years ago are still impactful today: Live within your means. Eliminate and avoid debt. Pay yourself first.

Why SmartVestor

A gentleman once told me, “You can’t brush your teeth 14 times one day a week and get the same results as brushing them twice a day, seven days a week.” in a discussion of physical fitness habits. I thought it was a perfect analogy for both physical and financial health.

We joined the SmartVestor program for the same reason. We wanted to connect with people who were focused and taking action every day to achieve better financial outcomes. And just like healthy teeth and healthy bodies require daily actions, so does financial health.

The people we meet are motivated to achieve better financial outcomes by being deliberate with their actions and intentional with their money. They realize the key to financial security isn’t how much you make, stock market performance or luck. Rather, it’s about gaining the knowledge to make the right choices every single day. It’s about being intentional. If you want different outcomes, you must take different actions.

Our Commitment to You

We take the trust placed in us by Dave Ramsey’s SmartVestor Program seriously and our commitment to you is simple. Whether you want to find the right financial professional to partner with or simply need a question answered, every SmartVestor referral is offered a free consultation/coaching session. You should walk away from our conversation with better information to make better decisions to achieve better outcomes.

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